Presentations & Inteviews

This page has links to various Workplace Unlimited videos.

Conference Presentations - Nigel and the team make keynote speeches, chair  conferences and make presentations across the globe. Sample videos are below.

Interviews - Nigel is known for his outspoken opinions on all things related to psychology in the workplace. Below are example interviews and personal views.

Podcasts - If you prefer to listen to rather than watch Nigel then check out some of his podcasts.

How we work: Redesigning the office, February 2023

Nigel presents his view on the future office on this BBC World Service programme.

The Importance of Place, July 2022

Nigel texplains to Tom how work environments affect people in different ways.

Teaching Here and There Episode 7, March 2022

Nigel talks about all things hybrid in the workplace and universities. 

Beyond the Workplace Zoo, January 2022

Nigel chats to Dan Moscrop at Spacecraft on his latest book.

Fighting Workplace Loneliness, May 2021

Nigel dicusses the effects of workplace loneliness with Erin Peavy.