Transition & Training

Transition & Training

The level of change management required during a transition depends upon two key factors:

i) the start and end point i.e. amount of change required and ii) the appetite for change and initial level of buy-in from the senior management. Typically our transition process includes:


  • Stakeholder interviews - meetings with the leadership team focus on the strategic business vision, corporate culture and the workplace of the future


  • Visioning session - an initial session with the key stakeholders to establish the aspirations and success criteria for the project


  • Feedback sessions - regular presentations to the key stakeholders provide updates of workplace plans, focussing on the opportunities of each option

  • User-group (champion) workshops - workshops allow us to disseminate key information, gather feedback and assess the attitude to change

  • Online staff survey - an online staff feedback survey explores the effectiveness of the current environment and identifies key issues to be addressed


Once we have developed the deign brief we will obtain sign-off by the senior management. We will act on your behalf and work alongside the architects to preserve the integrity of the brief and ensure your documented needs are fulfilled.

We will also identify any training requirements, such as "how to become a productive remote worker" and "how to manage remote workers", and either provide or source the training.

Workplace Unlimited's change management approach, the Seven Cs of Change (see blog or video) is grounded in established change management theories such as the Kubler-Ross Change Cycle, Kotter's Eight Step Process, SCARF and ADKAR.

Whatever the change, we can help you transition through it!