Strategy & Briefing

Strategy & Briefing

According to Wikipedia, "workplace strategy is the dynamic alignment of an organisation's work patterns with the work environment to enable peak performance and reduce costs".


Workplace Unlimited will engage with your organisation to understand its business vision, aspiration and culture so that we can determine the most appropriate workplace. Whether you are looking to simply downsize, consolidate or relocate, or whether you wish to provide a new enriched workplace that motivates your employees, reflects your corporate culture and enhances business performance, Workplace Unlimited can help.

PEST analysis of factors affecting the workplace

Workplace Unlimited will examine your business aspiration, socio-demographics, headcount projections, current and future workstyles, your use of space, and extraneous factors to determine your true requirements and the best option for your future. We will explore the property market and design/fit-out costs in order to recommend your best option. We can advise on refurbishment, relocation or implementing new ways of (agile/flexible) working to ensure you will have the most cost-effective and productive workplace.


Once the workplace strategy is signed-off, if appropriate we can develop a detailed design brief for your architects to ensure they design and build what you need. We will also work with your staff to prepare them for their new workplace.