Evaluation & Feedback

Evaluation & Feedback

The advice provided by Workplace Unlimited is based on solid evidence, derived from quantitative and qualitative measurement techniques. Our core interest is in creating workplaces that perform well, not only in terms of space and cost efficiency but also in how successful they are in supporting and enhancing the performance of the occupying business.


Nigel was the lead researcher in a Government funded project, the Office Productivity Initiative (1996) to explore the impact of the workplace on productivity. He continues to explore how we can use design to improve individual and business performance in the workplace, and  contriobuted to the Stoddart Review.

If you are confused over the difference between productivity and performance, just think of productivity as the ratio of output over input. In property and real estate terms, the output is business performance and the main input is the cost of space. Productivity is actually a value calculation - we want maximum output for minimum input, or maximum pefromance for minimum space.

Nigel's orginal research generated a standard survey methodology, since used by several large consultancies to evaluate the their client's offices. The survey has been implemented in approximately two hundred buildings and Workplace Unlimited has the results of many of those buildings, and over 10,000 individual responses, allowing the survey results of your workplace to be benchmarked against similar organisations.


We can carry out a post occuancy evaluation (POE) of your workplace to establish how it supports your business and what improvements can be made. We can evaluate how well a new workplace design meets the design brief or provide a benefits realisation case to justify project spend. Learn more about POE in Nigel's guide The BCO Guide to Post-Occupancy Evaluation.