Speaking Engagements

Dr Nigel Oseland

Inquisitive environmental psychologist, avid behaviourist, statistics sleuth, agent of change, broadcaster and respected author, Nigel helps organisations and individuals improve their creativity, innovation, motivation, wellbeing and performance.

Prior to becoming a psychologist, Dr Oseland was a physiological measurement technician with the NHS, but after working alongside psychologists he realised that psychology was also his passion. Nigel loves learning and believes “every day is a school day” but after completing his Masters degree and Doctorate, and spending 11 years as a government researcher, he realised he had to venture into the big wide world and help others create wonderful working environments by applying his research and psychological insight. His knowledge, ethos and advice are captured in his latest book Beyond the Workplace Zoo: Humanising the Office.


Nigel’s forte is in understanding individual, team and organisational needs and through design and behaviour change, produce unique workplaces that enhance creativity, motivation, wellbeing and performance whilst simultaneously improving efficiency and reducing costs. He often participates in major projects involving culture change, consolidation, mergers, relocations or implementing agile working.

His areas of expertise include: behaviour/culture change, psychoacoustics, evolutionary psychology, biophilic design, productivity, wellbeing, agile working, building standards, inclusiveness and architecture. Nigel has published over 100 articles on various related subjects including his original book Office Productivity: A Guide for Business and Facilities Managers. He has applied his consulting skills and presented all over the world including Cape Town, Delhi, Dubai, Guangzhou, Lagos, Nagoya, Singapore plus across Europe and the USA.

To book Nigel email: speaker@workplaceunlimited.com