Speaking Testimonials

“Nigel was the closing keynote speaker of our first 2-day conference on Transdisciplinary Workplace Research in Finland. Although it was two long days with a lot of new knowledge for the delegates, his keynote managed to keep all of them fascinated and involved in yet another interesting discussion on workplace. He is a very skilled speaker, with a good feeling for combining humour with interesting knowledge and gave his presentation a nice personal touch.”

Rianne Appel-Meulenbroek, Assistant Professor, Eindhoven University of Technology


“We can’t recommend Nigel enough! He is a regular speaker at our conferences and our audience welcome and trust his thoughtful insights. He is equally capable of chairing a day’s conference in an anchor capacity as he is in presenting sometimes complex research information to both professional and lay audiences in a way that they understand and enjoy.”

Maggie Procopi, Event Manager, Workplace Trends Conferences


“Nigel gave us an excellent and informative talk today on Biophilia. There was nothing but positive feedback from our guests and staff who all really enjoyed it. I would certainly recommend him to anyone wanting a revealing insight into the science of workspace design.”

Jerry Woodcock, Managing Director, Woodalls Design


“Nigel is by far one of the best speakers we work with. He has a knowledge level and delivery style second to none. His presentations contain quality research-led insights which are thought provoking and always ensure a high value experience for the audience.”

Paige Hodsman, Concept Development Manager UK and IE, Ecophon


“Nigel is an experienced Workplace Consultant and an inquisitive, thought-provoking individual who was a pleasure to work with. He is always looking to apply his intelligence and experience, particularly in the psychological aspects of workplaces, in new and imaginative ways.”

Philip Tidd, Principal, Gensler


“We received lots of positive feedback from our attendees and sponsors praising the presentations given by our keynote speaker Dr Nigel Oseland. Nigel gave two presentations at the Workplace Design Conference and expertly moderated the panel discussion which also received rave reviews. The people in the audience were immediately interested in his ideas, they were clearly entertained and inspired and learned many practical, actionable steps. Nigel's programmes were the highlight of our conference.”

Bostjan Erzen, Director, Workplace Design Conference


“Nigel is truly a workplace strategist, who has an innate capacity of enhancing the workplace design with his unconventional yet productive ideas. Nigel explained some of his thoughts and ideas at the ET Green Summit where his focus was on The invisible Architecture of Sound in the interior work environments. In his talk he demanded a fresh outlook to resolving noise distractions in the workplace based on a psychoacoustic, people-centred approach. His presentation style of being upfront, on-the-point and with a dash of humour was very well appreciated by all, specifically since it was also backed with content and relevant statistics. His clear call-to-action for designers was really the key highlight of the event.” 

Manit Ramaiya, Concept Development Manager, Saint-Gobain India


“Nigel Oseland is an experienced and inspiring speaker. He has a strong message to tell, based on experience both in practice and research. He provides interesting insights to workplace transformation with a specific focus on people’s behaviour in the workplace. He challenges his audience in a strong but gentle way. At the Transdisciplinary Workplace Research conference, Nigel was a keynote speaker and was able to cover content which was very well aligned with the conference – a skill to admire. Nigel fine-tuned his speech to capture the event with references to presentations in connection with his special message.”

Suvi Nenonen, Adjunct Professor, Tampere University of Technology